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Certified Rapid Transformational Therapist, Hypnotherapist CT Reg# HYP.0000408  Hypnosis is basically a deep state of relaxation. It’s a trance like state in which a person experiences heighten suggestibility. Through hypnosis you can change your belief system and roots with which you have been programming your behavior. Hypnosis can be used for Anxiety, Stress, Phobias, Self Esteem, Performance Issues, Panic Attacks, Guilt, Relaxation, Relationships, Procrastination, Achieving Goals, Trauma, Public Speaking and so much more. 

Currently taking referrals from Teachers, Psychologists, Dentists and Surgeons. Specialize in working with Children and Teens.


Stephanie Kalson’s approach works because it removes the guilt and stress of yo-yo dieting. 

Hypnosis provides a simple yet radical way to lose inches, but more importantly it is a way to gain control of your eating habits and build a health relationship with food. 

There is no calorie counting, no forbidden foods no faddy menus or deprivation. Instead using  simple hypnotherapy exercises, you will quickly start to enjoy food and make healthy choices, reaching and maintaining your target weight without hunger, guilt or stress. 

Stephanie's Story


Anything that alters your mood can become addictive. It begins as self-medication to help you manage pain. The reward you get when you see that text message pop up, find the perfect pair of shoes, or roll a lucky seven makes you want more. That becomes something you can’t live without. 

Is addiction to shopping or texting the same as being hooked on drugs or alcohol? We know these things can affect your brain in many of the same ways. 

If you feel you have a habit that’s out of control. Stephanie can help you with your addiction.

She has successfully helped clients for addictions ranging from smartphone, caffeine, sugar, gambling addictions, all the way through to shopping and sex addiction. 

 Anxiety and Phobias

For many people, fears, anxiety and phobias are life changing. There are hundreds of for them. But the most common are money, love, animals, insects, flying, dirt, and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). This really impacts areas of peoples lives. 

In our sessions to over come these issues we will: 
1. Go back and have a look at where the phobia came from in a very safe way.
2. Change the pictures in your mind and change the words you say about it.
3. Start making a new belief familiar. The more you do it and realize that nothing bad happens the more familiar you can make it in your mind. You create your new happy normal again.
 Lifestyle Coach
Just about everyone has a vision of his or her ideal life. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of being a successful writer, musician, or corporate executive. But you haven’t made it a reality yet.

Then maybe what you need is a coach. Just like the people who push athletes to greatness in sports. Life and wellness coaches push their clients to find success and satisfaction from their job or lifestyle.


Our life coaching services provide the drive and guidance you need to help you to recognise your skills and dreams, refocus your life’s goals, move past challenges that stand in the way of those goals and can help you find the motivation and tools to get to your physical and emotional health goals.


One of the most important habits that you can form in life is meditation, hands down, bar none. Meditation can help you to form all your other habits, it can help you to become more peaceful, more focused, less worried, more appreciative and attentive to everything in your life. 

Probably most importantly, it can help you understand your own mind. People say that before they started meditating, they never thought about what was going on inside in their head, they understand themselves better, and that has given them increased flexibility and freedom.

So we highly recommend meditation. 

Meditation isn’t always easy, but it has truly amazing benefits, and you can start today, and continue for the rest of your life.

If you’d like help with the meditation practice, let Stephanie train you and prepare a tailor made program right now!


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