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Are you ready to be happy live again ?

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Because you must be a willing participant in hypnosis, each individual’s experience and hypnosis results will vary.

 I have an over 90% success rate with Weight Loss, Anxiety, Test Taking, Relationship issues, Sexual Disfunction, Fear, Anxiety, Symptoms of Chronic and Autoimmune Thyroid Disease, Pain Control, Communication, Lack of Confidence and Trauma. 

Please note there is no magic wand, it can take a few sessions to create emotional intelligence, healthier responses to stimuli and create new brain pathways. On average, this process requires three to ten visits to address most issues. I integrate coaching and NLP with hypnotherapy to make sure you get the quickest and best results from our sessions together.

Appointments are 45 – 60 minutes in length. 


Stress, Loneliness, boredom, anxiety, frustration, anger, fear of being love, trauma, emotional and stress eating..


Hypnosis and Health Coaching will help you get to the root of the problem to activate your ideal weight, confidence, self-worth, body image, optimum health, become fuller faster, make better eating decisions, learn how to eat intuitively, and stick to an exercise regime that works for you. 

Free 20 Minute Phone Consultation 203-362-8857


Childhood Trauma, War, Veterans, Sexual Abuse, Traumatic Experiences. 

Excessive stress and anxiety impacts negatively both the mind and the body. Muscles become tense, we may overact around friends and loved ones. It can bring on feelings of frustration, hopelessness and depression. You may experience physiological responses such as rapid heart beat, sweating, laughing, or crying.

Hypnosis helps resolve past and current emotional stress, and in doing so releases tension, emotional triggers, physiological responses, and allows people to copy with the day to day stress such as work, relationships etc and to be freed from the stress and anxiety of the past. You cannot change what happened in the past but you can change how you are reacting to it now.

If you have been living a life of stress and anxiety perhaps its time for a change, call me for a FREE 20 minute phone consultation 203-362-8857


Addiction is a physical and / or emotional dependence upon a chemical substance. 

A person addicted believes he or she cannot physically and / or mentally function, that life would be impossible without that particular substance. Alcoholism, Cigarettes, Sex, Power, Money, Co-Dependent Relationships, and Drugs are the most common addictions in our society. 

Any Addictive or habitual problem can be addressed effectively with hypnosis and coaching – even chemical dependence. I ask that if this is an addiction (as opposed to a bad habit such as smoking, chewing, etc) to please consult your physician / therapist so we can create a wellness team.

Call 203-362-8857 for a Free 20 minute consultation


If you are suffering with a Chronic Illness such as Heart Disease and Diabetes, Autoimmune Disease, Thyroid Disease, Grave’s Disease, Hashimoto’s, IBS, Crones Disease, or any other illness Hypnotherapy and Health Coaching will help.

Hypnosis and Coaching are amazing tools to help follow your physicians orders, to make dietary and lifestyle changes seem flawless and easy. It allows you to pay better attention to how your body is feeling and the signals its giving you. Manage pain and symptoms with more control, so your body is working for you not against you.

Hypnosis helps with the physical and emotional pain and fears associated with a life long diagnosis, surgery and helps the body and immune system by creating a calm beneficial environment to support faster healing.

Free 20 Minute Phone Consultation 203-362-8857.


Divorce, Separation, Intimacy, Job, Self-Esteem, Feeling Trapped, Dealing with Infidelity, or Coming Out of the “Closet” with confidence for LGTB

Hypnotherapy and Coaching will help your Recapture Love, Create Healthy Relationships, Support strategies for better communication, and Learn Relaxation and Calming Tools. Feel the difference in 2 sessions.

Call for a Free 20 minute Phone Consultation 203-362-8857.

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Click here to schedule your FREE 20 Minute Phone Consultation.

Ready to stop wasting time, money and emotion with traditional approaches and the struggle of will power to make the personal changes you desire or to improve a skill of ability?

Hypnotherapy will help you take control of your life: your habits, behaviors, and feelings.

Hypnosis is a safe, natural powerful tool that can assist you in re-enforcing and strengthening decisions you’ve already made for yourself, and that you want to re-enforce. When you utilize it properly, you can gain significant leverage over unhealthy, unproductive, or unwanted habits.

It’s been used by Hollywood A-listers such as Matt Damon, Kevin Costner, Sean Connery, Tony Curtis, Samuel L Jackson, Drew Barrymore, Jackie Onassis, Henry Ford, Franklin D Roosevelt, Tiger Woods, Ricky Martin, Ellen DeGeneres, and countless other celebrities to address habits, behaviors, and athletic performance.

“I have been in a therapy for two years and was having trouble with anxiety, weight gain, and depression. In just two sessions of Hypnosis with Stephanie I was able to let my therapist know what was really going on. Stephanie helped me heal emotions in a way that talking just couldn’t do. I finally had the answers I was looking for.”

Brittany T. - Milford, Ct


The one-on-one health coaching program that is tailored to you.

The body has an innate intelligence and naturally sees out a state of equilibrium. Prolonged poor diet, stress and environmental toxins can all throw our bodies out of balance and lead to a wide ranging nagging symptoms and dis-ease. I am dedicated to helping you RESTORE your bodies optimal health through a personalized diet and lifestyle program that addresses nutritional deficiencies, REBALANCE’S your unique bio-chemistry, and in turn, your body, mind, emotions and spirit.

BIO-INDIVIDUALITY IS A PERSONALIZED APPROACH TO WELLNESS There is no ONE perfect diet for everyone. We each have our own unique genetics, bio-chemistry, nutritional needs, lifestyle and tastes. Determining what foods allow you to thrive and put you on a path to wellness is at the core of our work here.

WHAT FEEDS YOUR HUNGER FOR LIFE? I have a philosophy about food – everything we consider a source of nutrition is really just a secondary source of nourishment. The other aspects of life that feed your are just as important as the foods that you eat. This is what we call core foods and they can really make a healthy difference in your life. 

If you’re done with diets and dogma, and want real help, guidance, and accountability towards achieving your wellness goals, schedule your one-on-one nutrition coaching with me.



Schedule your first session below, AT LEAST ONE WEEK in advance. That’s because once you schedule it, you will be provided with and asked to fill out a questionnaire and food diary for ideally 5 days and return it to me 24 hours before our session, so I can review it.


RELATIONSHIPS You can eat all the broccoli in the world, but the quality of your relationships with family, friends, and coworkers explains a lot about the quality of your life. Cultivate relationships that support your wants and needs.

CAREER Most people spend 8-10 hours a day, five days a week at work. Are you passionate about your job? Do you love who you work with? Finding work you enjoy is essential to living a healthy, balanced life.

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY Our bodies thrive on movement and quickly degenerate without it. Exercise can be simple, such as getting off the subway or bus one stop early. Making physical activity a daily habit greatly increases your health and happiness.

SPIRITUALITY We all search for meaning in our lives, and feeling at one with the world can satisfy that longing. Some people follow their traditional religion of birth while others explore new traditions. Spiritual nutrition can feed us on a very deep level and diminish cravings for the superficial rewards of life.


I will assess your current diet, lifestyle, concerns, and goals, and put together a plan to address and reverse your concerns and reach your goals, all the while taking into account your current diet and lifestyle. All plans are designed to help you create healthy habits that stick, as painlessly as possible.


Our first session I will suggest the top 1-3 diet or lifestyle changes you can make that could have a significant improvement of your concerns, and move you towards your goals. I will thoroughly explain them, and give you a concrete plan to follow them. This is what you will focus on for the next week. (The reason we focus on one or a few small areas at a time, is so that you don’t become overwhelmed!) Depending on your current state and goals, I will suggest the number of sessions to help you get there. (60-minute session, over Skype or Phone).


We will continue to meet once a week, and build on habits from prior week. We will talk about your progress, troubleshoot if we need to, then I will educate you on new topics, and give you another set of actions to focus on. You will be held accountable to your goals and commitments, and given the support and guidance you need to follow through. (50-minute session, over Skype or Phone)

You’ll receive various handouts, meal plans, recipes, 3 Hypnotherapy MP3 downloads for weight loss, and tailored recommendations (for example for local restaurants). Sessions are conducted via phone, Skype, or Facetime – so you can work with Steph no matter where you are in the world. 


At the final session, we will assess your progress, and you’ll leave with recommendations to maintain what you’ve achieved. If you’d like to have continued accountability, or questions pop up, you can schedule in 20-minute check-ins as you like after your initial program is complete. 


What I took away with your program was that I CAN do this! Steph having you as a resource on a daily basis helped – being able to ask questions and get encouragement was key for me. Steph’s practical approach to the whole process made it doable and her constant encouragement kept me on track even when I slipped a little bit! I highly recommend Stephanie – You can do it!

Kate D. Trumbull, Ct

You’re true path & purpose are calling you… will you listen?


We will meet via Skype for 50 minutes twice a month (wherever you are in the world). During these calls, we’ll talk about what’s coming up for you in your life, work, relationships, how your health is, nutrition, emotions, and more. 

With my guidance, we will explore possibilities and scenarios to uncover what’s holding you back and why. 

I will help you move toward a place of greater clarity, empowerment and freedom. Our call will end with 1­-3 actions steps to keep you moving forward. You’ll be amazed at how much you learn about yourself in between sessions!

SACRED LIVING – Honoring your body with good food, wholesome living, self care, honesty, unconditional love and patience. Divine connection to intuition and inner wisdom.

HEALING THE HEART – Healing by reconnecting to your feminine wisdom, rekindling the fire in your heart, and releasing old hurt to find peace.

NURTURE THE PATH – Coming Home to who you are and meant to be. Nurturing the path to soul purpose. Restructuring the mindset for suc


You will receive you own personalized lifestyle plan. It comes with lifestyle shifts, affirmations, meditations, menus, tons of recipes, spiritual journey, self care tips, and so much more. 

We will get to the root cause of what maybe going, uncover these causes and develop a road map to heal and support your body mind emotions and spiritual wellbeing.

As you progress, we will go over your changes and tweak it as you begin to master your wellbeing


Sessions are personalized with a combination of Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Guided Meditations, Intuitive Readings, Energy and Crystal Healing to reach and rework any deep rooted patterns, traumatic events, self sabotage or mental blocks that may be affecting your health, life, work and weight loss goals.

These will be recorded in a digital format MP3 so you can listen at night before bed or at any time you have a moment to relax.


Join your Tribe of Sisters, where you are always welcomed, supported and honored for who you are and where you are at in life.


I creating this program because I didn’t want people to struggle the way I did. No matter what I tried I couldn’t find anything that combined the tools I used to over come my own anxieties, lonliness and issues I faced as a single parent, depressed and sick as hell with an autoimmune thyroid disease that eventually lead to radiation and a hysterectomy. I created this so I could help women walk the path with a sister tribe, bow out of loniless, (I)lnness – (WE)llness, I created it out of necessity. 


I noticed my clients kept asking how to tap into their own intuition. How to find themselves again after years of raising the kids, working, chronic illness and marriage to mention just a few. 


This program uses Hypnotherapy and Coaching for Mind Body Connection, healing the heart, and Release of Toxic Emotions. Guided Meditation to reconnect to our Soul Path. Energy Work to tap into a deeper level of healing. Sacred Living so we can be in a natural rythum and empowered to be the best version of ourselves.


If you have any question or needed support, you’ll get compassionate and loving support from me

Sacred Offerings

Let’s review the sacred offerings :

Dive deep into this sacred and divine work, elevate and transform your life by taking an exciting and incredible psychospiritual journey as you explore and master the limitless boundaries of the mind and soul. Open the doors into the amazing realm of ….. Past life regression and spiritual healing as you gain fierce momentum, harness deep self-love, power and success.

● 4 x 60-minute one on one intuitive coaching sessions via Zoom with Transformation Plan. Value: $3997

● 2 x 60 minute personalized intuitive reading and channeled healing session, release old phobias and fears from prior lifetimes to current times. Practice revolutionary healing visualizations and meditations Value: $1997

● 1 x 60 minute past life regression to experience your past lives, so you can clean your heart and soul of years of ties of negative memories, trauma, heartache, and disappointment. So you can harness the power of love and understanding to transform your life. Value: $997.00

● 1 x 60 minute session to recall your soul’s power and heal generations of karma down to the DNA level. Value: $997.00

● 1 x 60 minute session on discovering new tools for developing and strengthening your intuition and psychic abilities. Understand about our soulmates and soul companions. $997.00

● 1 x 60 minute chakra balancing deep full body healing meditation. Value: $997.00.

● 1 x weekly (prerecorded) 10 minute oracle card reading with guidance and activation for true hearts desires, health, business, love and family. Value: $3997.00

●Epic daily support (Mon-Fri) in our private Facebook group. Value: $4997

● Weekly activations posted in the private Facebook group to build momentum and ensure accountability. Value: $2997

Value $21,973.00


PAY IN FULL : $4997 (save $1000) + PAY IN FULL BONUS Crystal Healing and Enlightenment Course, Also includes guided meditations for unblocking limiting beliefs and activating your power and prosperity. And my 21 day Urban Detox real food and life cleanse. Value $2997.00 

24 Hour Expiring Bonus

1 x 60 minute clearing session to enhance the business sector in your home. In person or by distance. Value: $997.00

PAYMENT PLAN: $2497 upfront + 2 payments of $1750 over 2 consecutive Months.

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Spiritualista Sister

Connect with the Divine Goddess Within, tap into your feminine intuition, inner wisdom and soul purpose to shed years of karma drama and live a life you LOVE.

90 day immersion teaches heart centered women, entrepreneurs, healers, coaches, teachers, mystics, goddesses, and baes of all manner how to create unbreakable connection to your intuition and learn how to remove deep rooted blocks with money love and sucess so that you can begin living the life of your dreams. 

It leads you through how to connect inward, to tune into yourself so you can hear what your guidance is telling you. 

You may be frustrated with your constant struggle with love, purpose, life or health concerns and wondering why just cant seem to get this thing down. Or maybe you’re so caught up in self doubt an insecurities that you’re watching precious opportunities to have fun or advance in your life pass you by everyday.

Are you withholding from others because you don’t feel good about yourself? Dealing with a destructive inner voice that makes you feel disconnected from yourself and is preventing you from living with clarity, confidence and intuition?

You KNOW there has to be a better way to LIVE that FEELS Easier, Lighter, and Flat out SMARTER. You just want to be HAPPIER. You want to connect your soul to your every day life.. 

You don’t have to keep fighting this battle on your own. give me a call and lets connect.

SACRED LIVING – Honoring your body with good food, wholesome living, self-care, hoesty, unconditional love and patience. Divine connection to intuition and inner wisdom.

HEALING THE HEART – Releasing old hurt and healing a wounded spirit to find peace love and abundance. Rekindling the fire in your heart and soul. Connecting to a deep sense of comfort and peace by accepting self with unconditional love and joy.

NURTURE THE PATH – Coming Home to who you are and meant to be with a strong emotional core and deep connection to your soul path and purpose. Restructuring the mindset for success, confidence, health and happiness. Create strategic pathways for continual happiness and success.

Stephanie’s simple fun program helped me to not only get physically lighter but emotionally lighter as well! She is someone that is truely born to be a healer and I would recommend her services to anyone! Thank you Stephanie for helping me find the strength within myself to heal my life. I am forever grateful.

Nicole A. - Norwalk, Ct

Intuitive Readings

An excellent reading should accurately describe your life, where your journey has taken you, your present situation and where your path is leading. It should highlight obstacles in that path, provide insight into difficulties and choices and gently offer guidance into which is the right path forward to take…. 

If a reading could tap into your own potential and leave you happier and more focused on your life goals…

If a reading could illuminate hidden aspects of your real self that you could use to start to create your ideal life… 

If you could find a life of calm and serenity…

You can! Stephanie has over 35 years experience on helping people transform thier lives. For more details on how to book a one to one session via Zoom or over the Phone Please schedule below.


“Stephanie is like a psychic Tony Robbins, you need to have a session with her, she was able to pinpoint exactly what was going on and how to fix it, she is just amazing! I highly recommend her”.

Lauren D. - Norwalk, Ct


Reiki is a therapy based on universal life energy that serves to align chakras and bring healing energy to the body mind and spirit. It’s based on the ancient Eastern philosophy of a universal life force. While you relax, the practitioner creates a powerful flow of the universal life force (CHI), which then activates your innate ability to heal. Reiki has proved to have scientific measurable effects, such as; decreased heart rate, improved blood pressure, strengthened immunity, reduced anxiety, pain and depression. 

Crystal healing is a deeply relaxing, rejuventination therapy of placing crystals and stones on the body in relaxation. The session may include realignment of your energetic frequencies and or removal of any emotional and energetic blocks while allowing for deep soul learning, healing and spiritual growth.

Of the Many Benefits: Reduces stress and promotes a state of total relaxation Assists the body in cleansing of toxins  Balances the flow of energy throughout the body


It's time to be happy HEALTHY|


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